Cedar Park Counseling Network

We Care, We Can Help

   Jan 07


We Care, and We Can Help


We offer affordable, effective, spirit-led counseling from a faith-based or a traditional counseling approach as you prefer. Our counselors all committed Christians, offer caring counseling in a safe environment for the healing and strengthening of people and relationships. We serve Jesus Christ, who heals the broken-hearted and sets the captives free.

Excellence in Counseling:

Each member of CPCN’s dedicated staff of therapists receives clinical supervision and training by a licensed mental health professional who is qualified to give clinical supervision.

Our therapists provide individual, couples, and/or family counseling, group therapy, and teach practical-living classes.

All of our counselors are either:

  (1) Experienced, professionally licensed therapists, (2) graduates of accredited masters programs in counseling who, as Washington State Licensed Associate Counselors, are working toward full professional licensing, or (3) counselor-interns currently attending a masters degree program in counseling at an accredited university.

The Network may refer clients to other professionals for special assessment of medical or mental health issues. These professional include: Psychiatrists, MDs, DOs, Naturopathic Physicians, and Nutritionists.

As needed, our therapists receive clinical consultation from medical professionals. Call our office staff: 425 939-1490 or email us at cpcn@cedarpark.org

SPECIAL DAYS AND TIMES: FRIDAY and SATURDAY appointments are available, 10am to 2pm.  Contact CPCN’s office (425 939-1490) to schedule appointments on these days.